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“I Hate Looking At Them” – Neil Young

Neil Young is once again featured in a Jonathan Demme concert doc. Trunk Show is the second of a planned trilogy of Young concert films (after 2006’s Heart of Gold). It opened in select theaters this month in the U.S. and is slowly working its way across Canada.

I haven’t caught it (I’m not sure I can sit through the 20 minute version of “No Hidden Path.”) But I caught this New Yorker post-modern exchange between Demme and Young that took place on Skype and was printed by the reporter verbatim (we assume.) In it, the role of the concert audience is mentioned, as Demme once said he believed on concert film should ever include audience shots.) Young memorably states:

Generally we hate the f**king audience. They disturb the whole thing….they have people who wave their hands back and forth in the background. That’s what they do. It doesn’t matter what the music is. It’s a way to make a living, I guess…I remember we did a tour, and they had these cranes out in the audience, flying around, casting cones of light down on the audience, so that everyone in the audience had these halos on their heads. I walked out onstage and said to myself, ‘This is f**ked up. I might not even play. This is so wrong.’ All night long I was thinking, Why do I have to see people? I’ve never seen them before. I hate looking at them.

Um, wow….I’m sort of speechless at the anti-fan sentiment. Wonder if he dislikes people who buy his albums too? The whole thing is best read in its entirety.


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Demme leaves Marley

I’m back from vacation and getting back into the posting spirit. So prepare for some quick hits out of the gate this week, as well as the resumption of the MJ docs retrospective and maybe some new featurettes…this is the little blog with big plans.

The biggest news while I was gone: Page Six says that the doc on Bob Marley, first helmed by Martin Scorsese, is now being abandoned by his replacement Jonathan Demme. The piece says a bad rough cut screening spelled his doom with the film’s financiers. SlashFilm wonders if tough standards caused Scorsese to leave, rather than just scheduling problems. Not sure yet who is going to take over this long waited project with such an exacting estate.

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