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Hear it First at SXSW: Upcoming VH1 Rock Doc on Napster

Happy to announce that the forthcoming VH1 Rock Doc about Napster will have its public debut on March 14 at the South By Southwest festival. Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker will appear with actor-filmmaker Alex Winter to discuss the company and its aftermath. Developed by then-teenaged Fanning in 1998, Napster went bananas and become a phenomenon, throwing the music business into disarray. Legal challenges ultimately doomed the service but the firm paved the way for today’s music players like iTunes, Rhapsody, & Spotify. This panel is a lead off event at the music conference. Look forward to having music doc fans hear what we’ve been working on for the past year.


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Top Music Docs of 2011

The other site to visit if you’re a music doc fan (and honestly, ought to be your first stop) is Music Film Web. And just like last year, they’ve compiled a list from many music doc aficionados of the top music docs of the past year. I contributed to it (as you can read on the link). From the consensus, seems like Sound It Out (trailer above) – about the last record store in an English town – and Bob And The Monster – about Celeb Rehab guru and substance abuse counselor Bob Forrest – were the consensus top two of the year. Notable omission: Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam doc didn’t make anyone’s fave list. What did you like best? Write in the comments!

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