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More Politicking for Votes

It’s once again ballot season for panels for the South By Southwest film festival. And I’ve proposed another panel called The Great White Whales of Music Docs , those dream projects that never get made. See a full description below.

SXSW chooses panels based on audience interest. So I’m asking for your vote! Could you please visit this SXSW panel picker link and support this pitch with a vote or comment? Voting goes until September 2nd. Many thanks!

Full description: Every director and producer has a great white whale: the groundbreaking, fascinating, inspirational music documentary that just couldn’t get made. Maybe the band got camera shy; maybe the music rights were controlled by an out-of-control lawyer; maybe the topic was too hot for film. Whatever the problem, this panel will feature producers and directors who will share war stories from their own failed projects and discuss their unmade/unfunded dream music documentaries. We’ll also dish about famous forbidden footage (from bands like the Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses and more) and the prospects of those vaults being opened in our lifetimes. And we’ll ask the audience to share their most desired music documentaries, the films they’d stand in line for at the theaters if only they could be made!


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