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Post-documentary Regret Syndrome Strikes Metallica

Some Kind of Monster has long been one of my favorite rock docs for its unfliching look at the internal dynamics of being in a band. But now it seems that drummer Lars Ulrich is having some regrets about being so open to the cameras, per Australia’s Herald Sun. He says:

Every time I see Noel Gallagher he quotes lines from that movie back to me. That thing has taken on a life of its own. I had to live that s— for three f—ing years! The whole thing was a mindf—.

I am aware a lot of other musicians seem to have lived a lot of those moments. They weren’t necessarily stupid enough to film them like we were and share them with the rest of the world.

The internal dynamic in this band is so radically different now, it’s difficult to relate to that film now. It has a third-person vibe. If I see a clip of it or think about it it’s more like something that happened to someone else.

It’s hard to know the context of the comments from this article and whether it’s stated in a jokey manner, but I hope Ulrich isn’t really bothered by comments from blabbermouths like Noel Gallagher. For music fans, this doc like is invaluable and I hope it has inspired other bands to let the veil down and allow filmmakers in.


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  1. Is Lars even medically capable of being joke-y? I’ll answer my own rhetorical question (as a life-long Metallica fan): No, no he is not.

    Comment by Erin D. | July 21, 2010 | Reply

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