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The World’s Biggest Cult Band

If you choose not to decide, you’ve still have a made a choice.
Such resonance to the 13 year old me. RUSH had it all – cool name, tons of power chords, sing-a-long choruses, exotic Canadian factor and Geddy Lee, how did he sing so high? And it was deep too – a line such as the one above from Freewill made it feel like RUSH could explain life to me.
Of course, like many peers, I grew up, discovered punk, derided the old guard. And sort of forgot about the band, even as they kept forging ahead and releasing albums.
Watching this lovingly crafted doc by Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn (auteurs of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey) returned a full blast of nostalgia. It’s a fairly straightforward biopix with one unforgettable portrait of drummer Neil Peart, the first time the band’s lyricist who I believed opened up on film. He persevered through unimaginable tragedy. For the backstory of Peart alone, the film is worthy but the memories are great too, particularly if you were once a 13 year old boy – I couldn’t stop humming RUSH for a week afterwards.
The film premieres as one of our VH1 Rock Docs on Saturday night June 26 at 9 pm. Only problem with the film its meh title Beyond the Lighted Stage. The title of this post was the film’s apt working title – but why wasn’t it the obvious choice, Living in the Limelight?)


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  1. exactly… i was a huge rush fan for about 3 years in the late 70s. they were gods. when perm waves came out, i could tell they were going for a wider audience. songs were poppyer, geddy lowered his voice, and the songs werent just about greek gods, fighting dogs, trees, black-holes or lost paradises. after tom sawyer i went on to other music. for 30 years i totally forgot about them. then one day my 12 year old was reading a book called perseus jackson. it was full of greek god characters in a modern day setting.

    so out of the blue, i said, hey s, listen to this song and i started singing…

    tobes of hades lit by flickering torchlihght…(to stay on the greek theme)

    i had remembered all the words and so she had the whole song memorized before she ever actually heard the song. so when i got her the song on cd, rush instantly became her favorite band. she loves rush the same way i did 30 years ago.

    i took her to the rush show in aug, 10 and she loved it.
    it all took me back to a time in 9,10 grade when life was still pretty innocent. i love these guys and this film really made me feel like they were still there from 30 years ago. these 3 guys are good people, great musicians

    Comment by brad | September 8, 2010 | Reply

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