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Read Less, Listen More at First Music Doc Podcast

I wish it was as easy as it seems to have linked up fellow Music Doc geeks Andy Markowitz and Dave Watson in three different time zones (Sheffield, Prague and me here in NYC.) But credit to Andy who has launched a new site dedicated to music, docs and music doc podcasts. Called See It Loud . It’s a site in conjunction with MusicFilmWeb (until reboot 2.0 gets off the ground.)

So…my first podcast. I think I had a case of fumblemouth (well I always have a case of fumblemouth.) But some of you should enjoy hearing about Oscar politics when it comes to the best documentary field and why music docs don’t get no respect. Specifically, we talk about this year’s lack of nominations for Anvil and It Might Get Loud. Check it out and see what you think.


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  1. […] which I sadly confess I am one (well, was one.) A few days after I joined some pals on a podcast to talk about how music docs get hosed by the Oscars, um, a music doc won in the short documentary category. Music by Prudence tells the story of a […]

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