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Top World Music Docs of 2009

Spin Earth (which seems sort of related to Spin magazine but its hard to tell) has a novel list of top 2009 music docs from around the world. Some films like Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam have been covered on this site; others, like RIP! A Remix Manifesto should have been (and may yet be if I ever get around to it.) The rest never hit my radar this past year but maybe they should have. Any intrigue you? Spin Earth has fuller descriptions (and links to trailers) but the list (with a heavy punk bias) includes:

    I Need That Record! Indie rockers like Thurston Moore, Ian Mackaye and Mike Watt are some of the talking heads in this elegy to the old fashioned record store (trailer above.)
    Beijing Punk: Beijing Punks play their music as hard and loud to the dismay of other Chinese citizens.
    Workingmen’s BluesThe film showcases two Philadelphia based bands, Heavy Hand and Sinclair, trying to make it in today’s social networked music biz.
    One Kansas City Room, 317,000+ Records: Featuring the Marr Sound Archives in Kansas City’s Miller Nichols Library, ever expanding thanks to donors who unload their personal libraries every year.
    Los Aldeanos: About a Cuban indie rap duo.

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