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Most Music Docs Hosed by Oscars

Indiewire and others have the full report of the Documentary Branch Screening Committee’s short list for the Best Documentary Oscar. Only one music film, Soundtrack for a Revolution, made the cut of 15 finalists. (Of these, 5 will soon be voted as Oscar nominees.)

I liked Soundtrack (especially the music) but I really liked some of the other music docs that were not nominated, including Anvil: The Story of Anvil, It Might Get Loud and Afghan Star. Anvil, in particular, has been hailed by many critics as perhaps the best film of the year so its omission in the best doc category is puzzling. (Maybe it will get a best picture nomination?) Following that film’s progress (and even having my company make an investment in its distribution) makes it all the more wrenching. As anyone who has seen the film knows, Anvil is worth rooting for.

But the doc branch mirrors the criticism of the Oscar process itself, where the most popular films get shafted for obscure releases that only the insiders dig. Check out the other docs that were ignored this year, which happen to be a list of the most popular and notable docs of the year:

    The September Issue
    We Live in Public
    Capitalism: A Love Story

Maybe the doc division should consider expand to 10 Best Doc contenders too, like the Best Picture category is doing this year.


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