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Unsolved Mystery, Lil Wayne edition

It’s a been a bit of mystery to follow the story of the Lil Wayne doc. Some readers may recall that after getting raves at Sundance, the doc mysteriously disappeared from the festival. Then it was revealed that Lil Wayne sued to block the release of the film, saying that he had been granted final authority over the cut and objected to its “scandalous portrayal.” He lost the case and now the film is slated to come out November 17 on DVD.

Wonderers wonder what was the “scandalous portrayal” at issue. After all, Lil Wayne knew cameras were following him while the doc was being made. A nice Village Voice follow up by Jed Lipinski reveals its still a mystery to the filmmakers. Director Adam Bhala Lough said he was in constant contact with Lil Wayne and his camp and while filming complied with some editorial requests to not film certain scenes if Lil Wayne requested it, which is the standard give and take during filming an intimate portrait of a celebrity. He thought all was OK until the lawsuit. Lil Wayne’s attorneys continue to refuse comment about what was so objectionable and the director is still confused. Says Lough:

The last time I talked to Wayne was on the last day of shooting. He was amazing to work with. He’s got a really big heart. It was probably the most positive filmmaking experience of my life. I wish I could just ask him what happened.


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  1. His life is colorful. Very inspiring..A good way to challenge those inclined in music to work to achieve their dreams. There may be parts that people wouldn’t like but that is part of his life. He learned from those… Because of those, he is where he is now!

    Comment by lilwayneringtones | February 17, 2010 | Reply

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