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Beatles Anthology is Back

The Beatles Anthology, a nine part, six hour documentary about the Fab Four is on our network VH1 this week, fifteen years after it debuted on ABC. Exclusively a musical and historical doc, its a cooperative effort by the then-three remaining Beatles, so most controversial topics don’t get the definitive insider historical analysis (for instance, Yoko doesn’t speak in the doc, nor does any other wife/girlfriend of the band.) Articles like the latest Rolling Stone cover by the awesome rock journalist Mikal Gilmore about how the Beatles broke up has dish a formal doc treatment will never have because the Beatles control so much of their music and footage rights. Usually this pains me but for the Anthology, I’m OK with it. The footage is so rare, the historical moments and screaming fans are such a head trip (even today) and most of all, this doc lets the music play. It’s much easier to do a great music doc over six hours when the songs don’t need to be chopped up. And while I like my inside scoop, when it comes to the Beatles, I’ll gladly trade it for the tunes.


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