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MJ Docs: The Jackson 5 Go to Africa

On the heels of the Soul Power post, worth mentioning that other American artists have gone to Africa to play, including MJ! In the continuing series about MJ documentaries, his appearance in Jackson 5 in Africa is not well remembered. Probably because the film is kind of like an outdated classroom social studies film about a journey in Africa. The narration reveals such insights as “This is Africa, land of all black people” and w/r/t to the Jacksons “Even those who could not speak English managed to call their names!” Along with the Jacksons performing and verite travel, there’s lots cross cultural dancing, an examination of Senegalese weaving techniques and papa Joe Jackson recieving the Medal of the Lion, a Senegalese honor.

But with MJ fever, the film is relevant again. It was recently announced that the Jackson 5 in Africa will close out the Downtown LA Film Fest on August 22. And the program notes that when the African investors who originally financed the film, ran out of money, the new, anonymous owner got the footage in exchange for a rough diamond.

The doc does have its fans. In a pre-Twitter era a few years ago, Questlove of the Roots wrote to Rolling Stone to hype the film:

i could NOT keep this to myself. this MUST be seen.

hey guys.

its me the ultra rare connoisseur of fine treat.

this is a never seen before rare docu about the J5 pilgrimage to africa in 74.


share this.

Of course!


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