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Out Now: Get Some Soul

I’ve mentioned this film when it premiered in Toronto and at Tribeca . But now Soul Power is in theaters! It opened in LA and NY last Friday and is expected to travel nationwide. The film is basically what was not included in the boxing doc When We Were Kings which was about the famed Ali-Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” fight. At that same time, a 12 hour, three night concert (dubbed “Zaire ’74”) was organized to celebrate African-American culture. But when Foreman got injured before the fight, forcing a six week delay, the concert went on as scheduled which is probably why it was little remembered. If it had happened at the same time as the fight, it might have gotten a huge amount of international acclaim. But for many of the American performers like Bill Withers, B.B. King and James Brown, it was a chance to go to Africa for the first time to play and celebrate “black culture.”

Critics dig the flick. The New York Times critic said it “offers a vivid glimpse of a fascinating moment in musical history, racial politics and global pop culture.” USA Today wrote “The concert footage is mesmerizing.” And the LA Times opined “The amazing thing about these 35-year-old performances is how fresh and alive they are. If ever a concert was worth the wait, “Soul Power” is the one.”


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