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Trailer released for It Might Get LOUD

I’ve related the early reviews for It Might Get Loud, a doc about the electric guitar playing and the prowess of masters like Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White (again.) Finally, the trailer is out (see above) and a recent LA Times piece had some good quotes from Davis Guggenheim, the director, who famously did An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore. Guggenheim, who calls himself a “Behind the Music” junkie, nevertheless says his film was a “rethink” of the music documentary:

They’re either about car wrecks or drug overdoses, or they’re about celebrity worship, big platitudes about how they changed American culture. We wanted to go deeper.

I’m with him about platitudes, but sometimes the backstory is as exciting (or more) than the music. Nevertheless, it’s going to be fun to see a non-concert, non-making of the album doc about music.

Also worth watching as a technique was something Guggenheim repeated from Inconvenient Truth, where he built the narrative around audio interviews with Gore.

When the film crew was there with all the lights, Al Gore would be different. It would be more formal. The whole idea was how do we break through this facade and how do we become more intimate and more personal? When the film crew went away, I’d drive around the farm with him in his car and I’d get the greatest stuff.

The film opens August 14 in Los Angeles and New York.


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