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Another Rock Star Oenophile

Motley Crue’s Vince Neil got some attention a few years back for starting his own wine label. But Tool’s Maynard James Keenan is taking it a step further, by opening his own vineyard – and in an Arizona desert to boot.

His endeavor is the subject of an upcoming documentary, which is a very quirky rock doc. Keenan is an Arizona native and back in 2006, he discussed how he got hip to wine:

Being in an occupation that requires me to travel quite a bit, you’re just exposed to more cultural things than you would if you were growing up in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho. When you’re drinking warm Coca-Cola and your accountants and managers and booking agents are walking around with these nice glasses with nice red juice in it, you say, ‘Hey, that doesn’t look like what I’ve been drinking in the dressing room. What’s that? I’m not going on stage unless I get to have what you have.’

The recently released trailer is luminously shot (with the much hailed RED camera, which earns its props) and really gives a cool ghostly, mysterious, wild west vibe to what is basically an effete hobby.

The doc is being helmed by Ryan Page, most well known for his films Moog about electronic music pioneer Bob Moog, and the recent The Heart Is A Drum Machine . He’s hoping to finish the film for a 2010 release and I’m hoping one day to get a taste of wine that’s grown in the desert.


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