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30th Century Starts Now

There’s enough “lost geniuses of music” to power a festival lineup. And such a mythical billing would certainly have Scott Walker as a headliner. With the Walker Brothers, he topped the English charts in the 1960s with a fan base as big as the Beatles. Greencine’s Guru Blog notes that the group’s “baroque, orchestral pop stylings…plays like the Jonas Brothers mixed with pre-Jesus Johnny Cash.” At the peak of fame, Walker leaves the band and basically goes Colonel Kurtz, decamping his studio and releasing some of the oddest, opulent, inchoate music I’ve ever heard.

I caught Scott Walker: 30 Century Man at South By a few years back and just remember being baffled, horrified and intrigued at the same time. (Watching someone craft a song to a drum beat of a fist pounding on a hunk of raw meat will do that. The dungeon-like atomosphere of his recording studio helped too.) But don’t trust my judgement. The film features stars like David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, Johnny Marr and more who hail Walker’s visionary brilliance. Credit the director Stephen Kijack for penetrating Walker’s private post-fame world and giving as approximate a view as possible (barring a futuristic brain scan) of how Walker’s twisted art is created.

The DVD has finally been released this week and there are still occassional screenings of it across the U.S. Check the official film’s blog for any lingering dates.

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