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Potential Fun with We Fun

Saturday’s post about the Seattle scene made me nostalgic for other docs that profile hotspots as a source of musical exploration. Athens, GA Inside/Out (which I admit to seeing back in the day, even if my age can be more closely inferred) featured bands I absolutely loved like R.E.M., B-52s, Love Tractor and especially Pylon – all from that tiny college town. The film had that kinetic energy that made Athens feel like it was the coolest spot on the planet.

So it was kismet that I stumbled across the flick We Fun, which just debuted last week at the Atlanta Film Festival. Unlike Athens, I know little about the Atlanta scene aside from Mastodon (sludge or stoner metal) and have only a passing familiarity with the names of other indies like The Black Lips (flower punk) and Deerhunter (ambient punk). But the trailer makes a credible case for something happening down south with crammed clubs, a notable nightlife vibe (stuffed unicorns hanging from ceilings, lot of public underwear), record labels that double as club space and some really alluring music. As Alexandra Edwards writes in the Atlanta Music Blog review:

In order to be successful, it seems that rock documentaries need to feature three basic things: awesome music, copious alcohol, and a topless girl. Atlanta music scene doc We Fun has all three, and it’s pretty great.

I’ll definitely see it when I can as well as start downloading tracks so I can say I was hip to the new Atlanta first! (You never know…)


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