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Tribeca Report: Burning Down the House

How did an anti-establishment music club become so beloved that it almost turned into a cultural landmark? That’s the well-known story of the Bowery’s late CBGBs. While I originally worried that the doc would focus too much on the circumstances of the club’s demise, I do admit in retrospect that the tale was fascinating. Basically the one jerk in the entire city who hated CBGBs was the landlord (who ran a non-profit homeless no less!) Somehow, the doc neglects to mention that CBGBs is now a John Varvatos store, though its other framing device of director Jim Jarmusch and author Luc Sante walking through the ruins of the club is moving and insightful.

While I originally wanted more stories from back in the day, there is also a limit to how much anyone could hear about the legendary disgusting bathrooms. I also would have liked a bit more music with this one (only snippets) so enjoy the Dictators clip above (sung the second to last night of CBGBs existence) since I already posted the movie trailer in my Tribeca preview last week. The film is a testimony to the club’s founder Hilly Krystal and anyone who wants a nostalgia bath for punk and hardcore should check it out.


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