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Not Noted: The Creative Recycling of Dylan Docs

Variety today sort of catches up to a post I wrote last November: filmmaker Joel Gilbert and his unauthorized Bob Dylan documentaries. It doesn’t mention how Gilbert recycles the same footage in different packaging. Instead, it champions Gilbert as a guy who offers fans something the authorized Dylan docs don’t do:

Gilbert’s docs get dissenting views and unvarnished anecdotes from savvy and articulate observers like legendary producer Jerry Wexler or seasoned music pros like Rob Stoner and Spooner Oldham…plus fans appreciate his detailed discussions with Dylan associates, he says.

But for the DIY documentarians, there is some good business intelligence about Gilbert’s model (even if it may be hard to replicate since Gilbert is a one man edit/shooting/producing/ultimate Dylan fanataic who also plays in a Dylan tribute band that includes three of Bob’s former musicians!) Gilbert’s DVDs are profitable because he handles the interviews and editing himself and his tribute band recreates “Dylan-esque” music. And before one of the films goes on sale broadly, he has a several-week window to sell the DVDs exclusively through his website, where he says the initial sales help him to break even.


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