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Not a lot of Paradise by the DVD Light

OK, I realize my headlines are slipping in quality. But it’s tough when you catch a film that is sort of underwhelming (they didn’t make a great movie! why should I spend time crafting a decent headline!)

The film in question (which has admittedly been out awhile but I just saw it on DVD) is Meat Loaf’s In Search of Paradise. And it’s one of those flicks that seem tempting by the trailer. Even Stereogum at the time wrote, “the big guy appears to be even more of drama queen than we suspected: He spits gum, snorts vapors, falls on the ground (repeatedly), and rubs his hands through his hair in complete and utter anguish.”

If only! Meat Loaf barely gives the camera the time of day. The main “get to know you interview” is given by his manager! Virtually nothing on the past drug use (one mention) or his famed battle with the songwriter who wrote Bat Out of Hell. Or most subjects from the past in general. The whole flick takes place on the backdrop of a 2007 tour.

The only pros: a running storyline about how his staging of Paradise by the Dashboard Light is creepy and pornlike (since his female lead looks like she’s 12 and he’s pushing 60). There is some passable imagery of his grand restaging of the song as a ’70s set piece as a response to the childporn claims of critics. Meat Loaf adopts a wig but only wears it one night. And there’s the aforementioned fainting in exhaustion after every concert.

I guess your view of this film all depends on how much you like Paradise by the Dashboard Light repeated over and over again during the course of 90 minutes. But Meat Loaf exhibited enough personality that I really wanted to get to know how his mind worked and was really frustrated when he didn’t share much.


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