Docs That Rock

Self-Congratulatory Post

So awkwardly, and very meta, I cite a rock doc article, myself. Thanks for new pal Andy Markowitz, another music/film/web partisan (who has some pretty cool web dreams, details to come), I am the subject of an inteview. Read all my fumbly responses to such vital queries as:

    * How my reporting background led to my new career as a music doc producer/purchaser
    * Working for the man (Viacom) versus working for an indie
    * How TV compares with cinema as an outlet for music docs
    * Why I started blogging
    * What’s my favorite type of doc to do and what’s my dream story
    * And what are some of my favorite recent music docs (One of them, You’re Going to Miss Me about guitarist Roky Erickson, is featured in the clip above

Actually, now that I read it again, Andy’s questions were quite good. I can’t objectively judge my answers so at your own risk, read the excerpt here or for a person with too much time on their hands combined with too much interest in me (come to think of it, only mom) you can download an extended audio interview too.


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