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A Kink in Reunion Plans

The doc field has a whole budding subculture of Michael Moore wanna-bes. If only it were so easy! Making a documentary staring yourself does reduce time-consuming issues like finding a host or a narrator, developing a cinematic style, etc. Just aim the camera on yourself and start riffing! But of course, few people are as funny as Moore.

Maybe Geoff Edgers will be. The seemingly affable Boston Globe arts critic put up a trailer called Do It Again about his quest to reunite the Kinks. (Even though Ray has wanted to do a reunion, estranged brother Dave doesn’t agree. He said, “It would be like a poor remake of ‘Night of the Living Dead.”) But as Edgers points out in the trailer, there have been tons of films about the Beach Boys, Stones and Beatles but very few about the Kinks. Edgers wants to make amends. Per his trailer, at least he’s gathering legions of Kinks fans like Sting, Paul Weller, and Robyn Hitchcock to support the cause. (Edgers even jams with Sting.) I’ll be looking for another web update to see if Edgers gets anywhere closer to his quest.


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