Docs That Rock

If only: the Titantic and NIN!

Here’s one from the Docs That Almost Rocked Department. Our friends at The Playlist report that Trent Reznor, free from label constraints and releasing music like The Slip and Ghosts I-IV a la Radiohead, had a deal lined up for a 3D music film with James Cameron, of Titanic and Terminator fame. But Interscope Records, who maintains ownership of some of his biggest hits, refused permission.
On the Nine Inch Nails website, Reznor wrote:

I made two critical mistakes…One was to approach a certain record company that owns some of the song rights about producing/funding. The second was to allow said company to f— around as usual for months before saying ‘Um… no.’ We then achieved the impossible by finding alternate production/funding but the timetable is too rushed to get it filmed comfortably with the remaining time left on the tour.

The tour would have documented what Reznor claims was the best tour of the year, complete with a wild, interactrive lighting display by media-arts company Moment Factory. So in lieu of a 3D documentary, here is a video by the folks at the company explaining the technology and showing a few concert highlights.


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