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Celebrate Election Day with Pearl Jam (um, the 2004 Election…)

vfc2004billboardIn the modern world of retailing, every day is an opportunity for a creative sell through. So kudos to Pearl Jam for taking advantage of Election Day to promote a film. But sadly, the election in question is not today’s historic one but the less memorable (and utterly disappointing) 2004 election.

Back then, Pearl Jam hit the road with 17 other groups (like Bruce Springsteen and Death Cab for Cutie) on the Vote for Change tour. They were followed by an indie film crew in 8mm. Aside from the live performances, the film features interviewers about democracy with both voters and band members.

As of yesterday, the film is now being distributed online. But, ahem, where has it been all these years? Per filmmakers Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski:

We got home and cut the film, but never showed it to anyone. The enthusiasm for the project dwindled due to the outcome of the election. Ironically, we feel like Bush’s reelection may have made the film even more important/valid and we think now is a great time to dig it out and remind people why it is so important to vote. We love this film, it’s like nothing we have ever done before and we are stoked to finally have the chance to show it.

Let’s hope today’s election results don’t cause a similar downer, whether for filmmakers or citizens! Watch the entire film online right here in four easy parts!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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