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There are film festivals that are now media events, where a slate of films vie for attention from critics who help create buzz for buyers. A handful of titles get picked up and the rest of the hopefuls wonder where their marketing dollars went. Other festivals are founded from a common, shared interest of film, less about premieres and more about cinema-hopping and shop talk about how hard and rewarding this craft is.

That’s why I’m very excited to be off to the Moffom Festival in Prague, which appears to fit the festival bill. Moffom, in its fifth year, has five days of round the clock screenings of music docs (The Story of Anvil opens the festival) and a few fictional pieces around music (i.e., I’m Not There screens this year; Once screened last), concerts and more. One extra is a special program featuring six of our VH1 Rock Docs. Brad Abramson, our VP in charge of the series, and I will introduce some of these in Prague.

Visitors to this blog know I’ve always dreamed of starting a kick-ass music doc festival in the U.S. so hopefully I’ll see it in action overseas. I’ll be making posts about Moffom’s offerings leading up to the Thursday’s kick off and I’ll be covering the festival as well. So watch this space. To whet your appetites, check out this clip from Planet B-Boy, a film about global breakdancers still making the festival rounds.


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