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How much of a Crazy Train is a doc about Ozzy?

Can a son do a proper doc on his Dad? Jack Osbourne is going to try. Variety reports that Jack and Sharon are self-financing a doc about Ozzy, which will be shopped around by Jacko Productions, Jack’s new company. The film will be the definitive biopix of Ozzy’s career, with early concerts and even an interview with his first wife. Jack promises the doc will give new depth to Ozzy’s well-known portrayal as doddering Dad on MTV’s reality show:

MTV couldn’t show the darkness and so they used all the goofy things, but that’s not really who he was at the time….he refuses to do a book, because he’s terribly dyslexic, can’t write and doesn’t want a ghostwriter, so I thought, why not make this his talking book?

Normally I’d worry that family politics and the misguided belief of sanitizing the bad parts of someone’s life would get in the way of a revealing film. But with the Osbournes and their transparency, all bets are off. In fact, its the opposite worry: how much more naked can Ozzy be portrayed than he already has? But since he’s been gifted with one of music’s all time best voices and has had an up and down career that personifies rock and roll, this film and perhaps the family’s intimate take has the potential to be something special.


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