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More Old News: Don’t Let It Be

More post vacation catch up (originally spotted in The Playlist blog): a UK news report says that the DVD release of long hoped for Beatles doc Let it Be is not going to happen (despite the apparent bootleg cover in the accompanying image.) The word is that Paul and Ringo don’t want it out anymore. The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Caro describes why:

McCartney comes across as a domineering showboat; he irritates George Harrison with instructions on how to play the guitar solo on “I’ve Got a Feeling” and often flashes his puppy-dog eyes into the camera… I’m sympathetic to Paul. As the authors show through their detailing of recordings for the film, he was the one trying to keep the band together while John Lennon was indifferent, strung out and almost surgically attached to Yoko Ono, George was so frustrated that he temporarily quit, and Ringo Starr was withdrawn. The movie barely nicks the tip of that iceberg.

But like so much of the Beatles strange digital strategy – releasing nothing while pirates share music at will. Let It Be curiosity seekers can view the film (which was released on VHS in the 1980s) currently on YouTube in ten installments; part one excerpted below.


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