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Um, major clarification to last post – music doc film festivals

A hazard of blogging I suppose – write something half informed that assumes that just because you haven’t heard of it, it must not exist. Then watch as your attention span locks in, the facts pour in and causes you to regret the half baked post. (Fortunately it was just the last post so the historical record is almost pure).<P>

In short, there seems to be a lot cooking with music documentary themed film festivals (which is great!). Right now, there’s a great selection of music docs at the Melbourne Film Festival, many of which have aired in the U.S. already, but still. (One entry is VH1’s own The Night James Brown Saved Boston.) Don’t Knock the Rock Festival in LA co-founded by filmmaker Allison Anders has some smaller 2007 films and a bunch of indie docs too, a very intriguing lineup. Winston Salem is hosting the Revolve Music and Film Festival (with some traditional docs and features too). And come October, actually a fairly big festival in Prague called Music on Film (MOFFOM) will host an international list of films, including a special forum devoted to (you guessed it) VH1 Rock Docs! So forget Barcelona, see you in Prague!


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  1. […] will be screened again at the upcoming MOFFOM Music on Film Festival in Prague in October. MOFFOM (cited earlier in this blog) will have special focus on music and stories from New York City. More to come on this front. For […]

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  2. […] New York banning cigarettes in bars, the smokey atomosphere was a jolt!) Adding further shame to my earlier ignorance of worldwide music doc fests, I met a ton of festival organizers from all over Europe (Croatia, Germany, Spain, Finland, Poland) […]

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