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Find Joy on Zune

Music docs are challenging to market. Sure, the diehard fans will tune in to see their favorite acts but how to make sure to reach the larger audience? And like the rest of the doc field, finding marketing and promotion dollars to reach that larger audience is always a challenge, especially for the more obscure musicians.

So while this isn’t a business blog, I was still surprised and happy to learn that the fine folks at Microsoft’s Zune division introduced a limited edition player to hype the cinema release of Grant Gee’s Joy Division documentary. Each of the 500 limited edition 80 GB players will come pre-loaded with the film. The player was designed by famed record sleeve designer Peter Saville. Kudos to the smart folks at the Weinstein Company for setting this up. While this deal would seem to only appeal to Ian Curtis completists, I like the long term play as this could apply to other acts (akin to U2’s iPod deal.) I realize there are few who want to watch a 90 minute film on a two inch screen. But think futuristic – as file sizes shrink, these portable media devices carry all your movies and you can plug in to your larger home theater (or friends home theater) to play ’em. There will be instant wireless downloads perhaps that may obviate the need for a portable device. But I’m sure airplane rides and remote connections off the grid will require some portability.  For now, seems like some bundling of devices with preloaded content – movies or music – would make the sell-through a bit more attractive while showing your colors (i.e., music doc fans, buy the taupe Zunes or iPods and get the 20 greatest music docs of all time!)<P>

Non-Zune buyers can check out the film when it’s released stateside on June 17. Trailer below:


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