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An African music doc worth watching

Right after trashing poor Alicia Keys’ film (though admiring greatly her efforts – read the last post!), I noticed that the slate of HBO Documentary Films for 2008 were announced. There’s a bunch I want to see (the Polanski film, and the ones about former white house reporter Helen Thomas and former madame Heidi Fleiss – I have diverse interests!) But I especially am excited for the African music doc We Are Together. It features the Agape Children’s Choir of South Africa, composed primarily by kids who have been orphaned by AIDS. From such circumstances, they’ve created some of powerful, uplifting music, which would standout even without the tragic backstory.

I was first introduced to the choir by fellow Brooklynite Dan Zanes who had the choir sing on his album Catch That Train. The song, Pigogo (about a peacock), became a big favorite of my children Lila and Ruby. We dug it so much that we made sure to catch the choir when they did a North American tour last year (see Lila with the lead singer of Pigogo. For her, it was like meeting a rock star.) The CD of Agape singing traditional Zulu songs is available here.

I realize I’m way off topic. We Are Together got great audience response at Tribeca and I’m really eager to see them sing again on film and learn more about the life stories of the choir. I’m glad HBO included this music doc on its slate for 2008. Trailer below:


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