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Silverdocs leads with a music doc

The very fine Silverdocs Festival has picked Adrian Wills’ All Together Now to open the fest in June. It played at HotDocs but this will be the U.S. premiere. I’ve been eager to see it and am curious if it would work as one of our VH1 Rock Docs.

The film is a classic behind the scenes story of how Cirque du Soleil created LOVE, the Vegas extravagaza based on the Beatles music. George Harrison had been friendly with Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte but passed away before it could be staged. Sir George Martin and his son Giles created the soundtrack in Abbey Road Studios by using original Beatles music from older versions and takes that didn’t appear on the studio albums in order to create something new. The doc features all the surviving players in the Beatles family, including Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison.

I’m sure it is a visual spectacle but I can’t help recalling the words of author Jeff Gordinier who wrote this unforgettable screed in his recent book X Saves the World:

…what the Cirque du Soleil people do to “Blackbird” ought to get them dragged into a courtroom in The Hague. It is a descreation. It is a violation of all that is holy and natural…some mad-professor guy dressed up in a white lab coat starts yapping out lyrics in a harsh Mitteleuropean accent that suggests a cross between Marilyn Manson in his Weimar-cabinet phase and the gestapo on Hogan’s Heroes. “Blackbud zinging in za DEAD of NIIGHT!”….Just at the moment when I think, This cannot get any worse, Dr. Gestapo slips on a blue rubber glove, leers at the crowd, and mimes the act of shoving a gloved finger up a blackbird’s rectum.

Um….OK…..The film’s trailer (below) doesn’t have this scene. But if a show can engender such an emotional chord, hopefully the making-of film can capture it.

UPDATE 5.22.08: I spoke to the film’s producer today and learned the Blackbird scene does NOT appear in the movie! So if the German version described above sounds alluring, you can only see it live in Vegas.


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