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The Year(s) Sex Broke

It’s time to hype our own VH1 product. Fortunately, as with the majority of our Rock Docs, I believe its worth it! Sex: The Revolution is a four hour monster epic showing how sex changed (and was changed by) pop culture. The film mines the nation’s video archives to illustrate what the youth of yesterday was seeing (and learning and not learning) about sex. This includes the first sex education films ever shown in high schools to early sexploitation films to rare footage of NYC’s swinging mecca Plato’s Retreat.

I saw hours 2 and 3 the other night at our NYC premiere. I’m always impressed how tight Dana and Hart Perry’s make their docs. They are incisive, dropping thought bombs and key evolutionary information with each section, the types of films that make you feel smarter by watching. Even when the history is well known, they try to convey some forgotten texture or some important behind the scenes moments. This thoroughness is matched by their talent to make sure the docs move along and don’t drag, always a danger in most historical docs.

We dubbed this an official ROCK DOC since the accompanying soundtrack really underscores how music reflected the sexual urges of the eras. And while it was futile to try to encapsulate the pop history of sex in four hours, I wish there were a few more pieces specifically on how sexual freedoms changed music. One brief music section about disco is excerpted below. Tune in Monday May 12th and 10:00 p.m. and every night through Thursday. You can find more excerpts, including a great one about the Marilyn Chambers turned from the Ivory Snow girl into the nation’s most renowned adult star, at most video hosting sites, including here at DailyMotion.


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