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Until earlier today, I had only known that Kim Wilde was a one-hit wonder – but one of my favorites. Her 1981 Kids in America is an all-time hummable pop classic, a progenitor of ’80s new wave and a song that I can share with my kids (since Disney’s Jonas Brothers did a remix in 2006 for the Meet the Robinsons flick.)

But I had no idea that she wasn’t American! Or that her father, a British 50s pop star, and her brother wrote that song and all her others. And that she seems to have had more than just one hit (though mostly overseas.) I learned this from the mini-docs Wilde Life: 1981 and the newly-released Wilde Life: 1982. Seems that fan Marcel Rijs is culling old videos and earlier docs into ten minutes pieces about Kim devoted to a single year. I like it as an example of a do-it-yourself docs from a collector who seems to have every video image or photo of Kim to share it with the world. He says 28 more installments are coming. Four hours seems a lot of time to devote to someone who is mostly famous for three minutes, but maybe I’ve missed something over the years. The 1981 episode is below.


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