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Which Stones doc is best?

Which is greater, the number of Rolling Stones albums or documentaries? Have the Stones set some sort of record of being filmed? They certainly have been captured by some Hall of Fame directors. Along with Martin Scorsese’s new Shine a Light doc, there’s Albert and David Maysles’ Gimme Shelter, Jean-Luc Godard One Plus One, and Hal Ashby’s Let’s Spend the Night Together (he also did Rocks Off) and Robert Frank’s samizdat Cocksucker Blues. There’s also lesser known flicks like 1974’s Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones, 1989’s 25×5 – The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones and the 1996 (but filmed in 1968) The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.. The trailer for Shine a Light is below.

So what’s your favorite Stones doc? Can anything transcend Gimme Shelter? Who’s actually seen a copy of Cocksucker Blues? My take after the jump but discuss in the comments!
Nothing can ever surpass Gimme Shelter, though Cocksucker Blues has long been intriguing, even to the point where I pitched a documentary about the film itself (Robert Frank turned us down when we asked for the rights.) As for Shine a Light, its too painful to me to see the Stones thirty years after they lost their musical relevance so I’m going to pass, even though its Scorsese.


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