Docs That Rock

The Manifesto

    Every blog has one and here is mine:

  • While the documentary field is vital for exposing societal ills on a global scale, cultural docs are also key. Music is deeply human, every culture has a musical tradition and songs are also vehicles for truth.
  • Music uniquely captures emotional truths and in many circumstances, the larger than live characters who sing the world’s songs can also transmit richer tales about society.
  • In many other cases, music and sound is about beauty, which creates a valuable counterbalance to the doc field, which mostly tackles depressing topics.
  • While it goes without saying that no concert film can ever compare to the live experience, there is an art in doing them correctly. And the well-done concert films live forever as part of the cultural canon, long after the bands are off the chart.
  • All films are nearly impossible to produce but music docs especially so. Copyright issues and cost scare even the most undaunted filmmakers. And examining reality through artists who rely on imagery as part of their appeal makes the battle for truth a scrum. Music docs raise all sorts of interesting filmmaker-subject relationship issues that confront the doc world as a whole.
  • So if you love all kinds of music, dig documentaries, and have a passing interest in filmmaking, I’m hoping this blog is for you.

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